Energeek is an innovative, independent energy company that develops, owns and operates a portfolio of renewable energy assets in Switzerland and renewable power sold.

Energeek actively contributes to Switzerland’s transition to a net-zero economy and energy independence.

What does Energeek do?

Sells 100% renewable electricity and heat. This is produced and consumed in Switzerland. From private, commercial and public customers.

Develops and operates projects to produce renewable cheap energy in Switzerland. On residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Always on already built-up areas (parking lots) and roadsides (highways). And on intensively used agricultural land with AGRI-PV. Based on the best and most proven technologies.

What are the benefits for clients?

For energy consumers: no investment required. In the medium and long term, up to 80% lower energy bills and security of energy supply.

For building owners: no investment required. Increase in real estate and company value through additional income and savings.

For the state, cantons and municipalities: Support to achieve Co2 targets and energy security without investments. No investment costs for the taxpayer, municipality, cantons and state.

Thanks to the distribution network of over 250 agents, Energeek’s development portfolio currently exceeds

CHF 800 million

and is poised for strong growth.

Energeek’s projects are based on proven reliable technologies, long term contracts, guarantees and insurance policies, obtaining stable and decarbonized energy, protected from inflation and independent from foreign countries.

More than two decades of expertise

Energeek is led by visionary entrepreneurs who have been involved in the renewable energy industry since 2000.

Solid track record. With over 500 MW currently in development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects. Use of reliable technologies and a stable infrastructure, the management underlines its unique positioning. All to offer customers innovative solutions for the energy transition.

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