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Energeek is a leading independent energy company that develops, owns and operates a portfolio of renewable energy assets in Switzerland.

Energeek actively contributes to transiting towards Switzerland’s net-zero economy and energy independence.

What does Energeek do?

Sells 100% renewable heat and electricity, produced and consumed locally, to private, commercial and public customers throughout Switzerland.

Develops renewable energy projects on residential, commercial or industrial buildings, and at the municipal level – based on the best proven technologies.

Develops and commercialises investment products that are inflation-protected and uncorrelated to financial markets for institutional investors such as pension funds.

What are the benefits
of a project?

For energy consumers: no investment required, up to 80% reduction in energy bills, security of energy supply.

For building owners: no investment required, increased property value.

For investors: exclusive access to stable, decarbonised cash flow generating investment products that offer higher returns than other real asset classes, equivalent liquidity and risk diversification.

For the State, cantons and municipalities: energy transition solution at no cost to the State, unlike costly government-subsidized schemes.

Thanks to its sales network of 200+ agents, Energeek’s development portfolio currently exceeds

CHF 600 million

and is poised for further strong growth.

Energeek’s assets are built on long-term contracts, guarantees and insurance policies; they yield stable and decarbonised cash flows, protected against inflation and uncorrelated to financial markets.

More than two decades of expertise

Energeek is led by visionnary entrepreneurs who have committed to the renewable energy industry since 2000.

With a solid track record of over 500MW in the development, construction and operation of renewable projects, as well as over CHF 350m invested in technology and infrastructure, Energeek’s management is uniquely positioned to provide energy transition and investment solutions to its clients.

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